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Most popular One Hand Operated Grease Gun designed for use in confined spaces or where access to grease nipples is restricted.
Heavy Duty Aluminum Die Cast Head 7" super strong pistol grip handle.
Pistol Handle designed to prevent fingers from "Pinching".
Develops 5000 PSI / 345 BAR
Built tough: Rough barrel 0.049" (1.2 mm) thick, Heavy Duty Follower spring, CNC machined grease gun head, large rolled threads for fast & easy re-loading etc.
Complete with a choice of 4" (100 mm) steel extension of 12" (300mm) flexible hose & professional 4 jaw coupler with ball check.
Unit of Measure

Order Number

N/A 43022

Cartridge Capacity

N/A 14 oz400 g

Bulk Capacity

N/A 500 cm³


N/A 1/8" NPT


N/A 5000 PSI / 345 BAR


N/A 0.50 g / stroke (0.70 oz. / 40 strokes)


N/A Cartridge Loading
Suction Fill
Complete with professional 4 jaw coupler with ball check


N/A 12" (300mm) flexible hose 4" (100mm) steeel extension