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By far the most popular grease gun for general purpose lubrication in automotive, workshop, agricultural & light industrial applications.
Drop resistant steel head construction.
Develops 6000 PSI / 413 BAR
Air release either through the loader fitting on the grease gun head or half turn of the head assembly.
Soft rubber grip on lever handle for comfortable operation.
Durable powder coated finish.
Complete with a choice of 6" (150 mm) steel extension or 12" (300 mm) flexible hose & standard & jaw coupler with ball check.
Unit of Measure

Order Number

N/A 42502

Cartridge Capacity

N/A 14 oz400 g

Bulk Capacity

N/A 500 cm³


N/A 1/8" NPT


N/A 6000 PSI / 413 BAR


N/A 1 g/stroke (1 oz. / 28 strokes)


N/A Cartridge Loading
Suction Fill
Filler Pump Loading
Complete with standard 4 jaw coupler with ball check


N/A 12" (300mm) flexible hose 6" (150mm) steel extention